Ethnic groups

Adaptive strategies in African arid lands : proceedings from a seminar at the Scandinavian Institute of African Studies, Uppsala, Sweden, April 1989

Medarbetare: Manger, Leif O. | Bovin, Mette
Utgivare: Uppsala : Nordiska Afrikainstitutet
År: 1990
Ämnesord: Sahel, Sudan, Ethiopia, East Africa, Environment, Agriculture, Arid zone, Adaption, Ethnic groups, Pastoralists, Economic conditions, Social anthropology/ethnography, Socialantrolopologi/etnografi
Adaptive strategies cannot be fully understood on the basis of environmental constraints alone. The essays presented in this book confirm this and provide material showing how environmental and socio-political processes interact in the making of adaption. The essays eludiate how manifestations of adaptability problems differ from region to region. such variations depend on the natural environment as well as the particular histories of development, socio-economic characteristics and the nature of the state. This collection of essays try to provide som answers to the problems emanating from different types of variation, and how they affect processes of adaption and change in African arid land.