Food production

Food security now or wait for research to assess risks? : genetically modified crops and smallholder farmers in Africa

Upphovsperson: Arvidsson, Tommy
Utgivare: Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, Agrarian Change, Property and Resources | Uppsala
År: 2015
Ämnesord: Africa, Agriculture, Genetic engineering, Biotechnology, Crops, Smallholders, Food production, Food security
Genetically modified (GM) crops are by proponents considered as a possible solution to the food and nutrition problems in developing countries. However, there are also concerns of how side effects may affect environment and human health. These will probably still remain unknown for decades. But can Africa wait 30 years for research to give a definite answer about the risks connected with biotechnology?

Global restructuring and land rights in Ghana : forest food chains, timber and rural livelihoods

Upphovsperson: Amanor, Kojo Sebastian
Utgivare: Nordiska Afrikainstitutet | Uppsala : Nordiska Afrikainsitutet
År: 1999
Ämnesord: Ghana, West Africa, Land tenure, Food production, Forestry, Structural adjustment, SOCIAL SCIENCES, SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP
The report highlights the long history of commodification of land and labour in Ghana, linked to speculative activites and more recently to the activities of international capital, agribusiness, international agricultural centres and agencies of the state. It makes the case for a new land, agrarian and natural resource regime that prioritises domestic economic needs to provide security of livelihood to the generality of the people.