Pastoral man in the garden of Eden : the Maasai of the Ngorongoro conservation area, Tanzania

Upphovsperson: Århem, Kaj
Utgivare: Nordiska Afrikainstitutet | Uppsala : Nordiska Afrikainstitutet; University of Uppsala, Department of Cultural Anthropology
År: 1985
Ämnesord: Tanzania, East Africa, Masai, Social groups, Ethnic groups, Animal protection, Social and cultural anthropology, Social anthropology/ethnography, Socialantrolopologi/etnografi
The Ngorongoro Highlands and the serengeti Plains in nothern Tanzania are renowed for their abundant wildlife and scenic beauty. Ngorongoro is also the home of some 15,000 semi-nomadic Maasai pastorialists. Together with their herds of domestic stock they have for generations coexisted peacefully with the wildlife in the area. This book is an account of the pastoral community in Ngorongoro. Against the backdrop of national development policies and the history of wildlife conservation in the area, the book describes resource utilization and living conditions among the Ngorongoro Maasai.