Lords of the Land : preliminary analysis of the phenomenon of landgrabbing in Mozambique

Upphovspersoner: Matavel, Nilza | Dolores, Sílvia | Cabanelas, Vanessa | Justiça Ambiental & UNAC, Mozambique
Medarbetare: Lemos, Anabela
Utgivare: Afrikagrupperna
År: 2012
Sidnummer: 73
Språk: en
Ämnesord: Mocambique, Privatiseringar, Ekonomisk utveckling och tillväxt, Investeringar
Rättigheter: Creative Commons Erkännande-Dela Lika 2.5 Sverige
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The term "usurpation" is used to describe the global phenomenon of “land grabbing”, such as the rent or purchase of vast extensions of land in poorer developing countries (as
is the case of Mozambique) by richer countries with food insecurity and by private investors of
those same countries so as to produce or explore diverse goods for export.
The present study reiterates the fact that agriculture constitutes half of the predominant subsistence
of the rural communities following mixed farming (agriculture and cattle), both of which are
extremely dependent on the availability of fertile land and water . Additionally these communities
depend on the rivers as a primary source of water and a large number of the analysed projects are
located close to this resource. The increase of areas occupied by big projects will certainly have a
big impact in terms of availability and access to land and water,exacerbating their already precarious
state of poverty.