Gendered value chain analysis in wine : from farm worker in South Africa to consumer in Sweden

Upphovspersoner: Greenberg, Stephen | Dyata, Patricia | Hendricks, Rolene | Jacobs, Ida | Lindoor, Elna | Afrikagrupperna
Utgivare: Afrikagrupperna | Afrikagrupperna
År: 2012
Sidnummer: 81
Språk: en
Relation: http://afrikagrupperna.se/images/pdfs/reports/Gendered_value_chain_analysis_in_wine.pdf
Ämnesord: Sydafrika, Rättvis handel, Konsumtion, Exploatering av arbete, Kapitalism och vinstmaximering, Genus och jämställdhet
Rättigheter: Creative Commons Erkännande-Dela Lika 2.5 Sverige
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Två bästsäljande vinboxar följs från vinranka till butik. Hur behandlas arbetaren och vart hamnar vinsten? Rapporten är skriven ur ett genusperspektiv.

This report considers the situation of workers in wine export value chains from South Africa to Sweden, with a focus on gender dynamics. It follows two value chains, one from Stellenbosch district and the other from Paarl district.
The conditions in the two chains are better than average and management – at least in the processing units - is sensitive to issues of standards, including labour standards. The report aims to understand the structure and dynamics of the chains and the distribution of value and power in the current global context; the possible role the Systembolaget Code of Conduct (BSCI Code2) for 2012 might play in the distribution of value and power in the chain; a nd how workers (with a focus on the production nodes) willor might be affected by the BSCI Code.

The research started off by identifying two specific companies that sold wine to Sweden, drawing from a list
of top-selling brands sold in Systembolaget, the Swedish state-owned alcohol retailing monopoly. One packages and brands the wine before export, while the other exports bulk wine for packaging and branding in Europe. Both products are 3 litre bag-in-box (BIB) wines, a very popular form of packaging in the Swedish market. Quality in the Swedish market is very high, and BIB is no exception.