The path of a genocide : the Rwanda crisis from Uganda to Zaire

Medarbetare: Adelman, Howard | Suhrke, Astri
Utgivare: Uppsala : Nordiska Afrikainstitutet
År: 1999
Språk: eng
Ämnesord: Rwanda, Zaire, Central Africa, Uganda, East Africa, Conflicts, Genocide, Diplomacy, Peace keeping, Mass media, UN, United Nations, OAU, Organization of African Unity, Political science, Statsvetenskap
Identifikator: urn:isbn:91-7106-432-X
Rättigheter: info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess
This collection of essays examines the decade (1986-97) that brackets the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, and is both a narrative of that event and a deep reexamination of the international role in ad-dressing humanitarian issues and complex emergencies. Nineteen donor countries and seventeen international organizations have pooled their efforts for an in-depth evaluation of the international response to the conflict in Rwanda.