Reconsidering informality : perspectives from urban Africa

Upphovspersoner: Hansen, Karen Tranberg | Vaa, Mariken
Utgivare: Nordiska Afrikainstitutet | Uppsala : Nordiska Afrikainstitutet
År: 2004
Ämnesord: Informal sector, Hidden economy, Employment, Land use, Livelihood, Urban areas, Urban planning, Urban housing, Congo-Brazzaville, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Social anthropology, Socialantropologi
This book brings together two bodies of research on urban Africa that have tended to be separate: Studies of urban land use and housing, and studies of work and livelihoods. Africa’s future will be to an increasing extent urban. Nevertheless, the inherited legal, institutional and financial arrangements for managing urban development are inadequate. The recent decades of neo-liberal political and economic reforms have increased social inequality across urban space. Access to employment, shelter and services is precarious for most urban residents. Extra-legal housing and unregistered economic activities proliferate. Basic urban services are increasingly provided informally. The result is the phenomenal growth of the informal city and extra-legal activities. How do urban residents see these activities? What do they accomplish through them? How can these “informal” cities be governed? The case studies are drawn from a diverse set of cities on the African continent. A central theme is how practices that from an official standpoint are illegal or extra-legal do not only work but are considered legitimate by the actors concerned. Another is how the informal city is not exclusively the domain of the poor, but also provides shelter and livelihoods for better-off segments of the urban population.  

Migration and development : dependence on South Africa

Upphovsperson: Winai Ström, Gabriele
Utgivare: Nordiska Afrikainstitutet | Uppsala : Nordiska Afrikainstitutet
År: 1986
Ämnesord: Lesotho, South Africa, Southern Africa, Labour migration, Bilateral relations, History, Politics, Political science, Statsvetenskap
Migrant labour is the main source of income of Lesotho society. Its dependence on wage employment as defined by South Africa and the restrictions of foreign contract labour has made Lesotho and its government increasingly vulnerable. The geo-political situation does not seem to give much hope either. Still, the political strategy and the mechanisms of dependence have changed as a result of conscious actions undertaken by the Lesotho government. The dramatic development of this migrant labour society illustrates the realities and the potetial for change. It gives crucial insights into the South African conflict today.

Beyond territory and scarcity : exploring conflicts over natural resource management

Medarbetare: Gausset, Quentin | Whyte, Michael | Birch-Thomsen, Torben
Utgivare: Uppsala : Nordiska Afrikainstitutet
År: 2005
Ämnesord: Resources management, environmentel degradation, natural resources, conflicts, boundaries, Living conditions, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Dmocratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Lesotho, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sudan, Social anthropology, Socialantropologi
The attainment of sound and sustainable environmental management is one of humanity's greatest challenges this century, particularly in Africa, which is still heavily dependent on the exploitation of natural and agricultural resources and is faced with rapid population growth. Yet, this challenge should not be reduced to Malthusian parameters and the simple question of population growth and failing resources.In this volume, ten anthropologists and geographers critically address traditionalMalthusian discourses in essays that attempt to move "beyond territory andscarcity" by:- Exploring alternatives to the strong natural determinism that reduces natural resource management to questions of territory and scarcity.- Presenting material and methodologies that explore the different contexts in which social and cultural values intervene, and discovering more than 'rational choice' in the agency of individuals.- Examining the relevance of the different conceptions of territory for the ways in which people manage, or attempt to manage, natural resources.- Placing their research within the framework of the developing discussion on policy and politics in natural resource management. The studies are drawn from a range of sub-Saharan African countries: Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Lesotho, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, and Sudan. CONTENT Introduction. Quentin Gausset and Michael Whyte Land and Labour: Agrarian Change in Post-retrenchment Lesotho. Christian Boehm Social Resilience in African Dryland Livelihoods: Deriving Lessons for Policy. Michael Mortimore The Making of an Environment: Ecological History of the Kapsiki/Higi of North Cameroon and North Eastern Nigeria. Walter van Beek and Sonja Avontuur Agro-pastoral Conflicts in the Tikar Plain (Adamawa, Cameroon). Quentin Gausset Transhumance, Tubes and Telephones: Drought Related Migration as a Process of Innovation. Kristine Juul Understanding Resource Management in Western Sudan: A Critical Look at New Institutional Economics. Leif Manger Within, and Beyond, Territories: A Comparison of Village Land Use Management and Livelihood Diversificationin Burkina Faso and Southwest Niger. Simon Batterbury Moving the Boundaries of Forest and Land Use History: The Case of Upper East Region in Northern Ghana. Andrew Wardell Transnational Dimensions to Environmental Resource Dynamics: Modes of Governance and Local Resource Management in Eastern DRC. James Fairhead

Lesotho tar strid mot storbolagen

Upphovsperson: Levine, Sebastian
Utgivare: Afrikagrupperna
Tidskrift/källa: Södra Afrika
År: 2006
Ämnesord: Multinationella företag, Lesotho, Afrika, Korruption
Det råder en allmän uppfattning i väst att korruption ligger i Afrikas väsen och att mutor är ett nödvändigt ont som utländska företag måste acceptera om de vill göra affärer på kontinenten. Men det som nu händer i Lesotho visar att respekterade och lönsamma internationella bolag spelar en tvivelaktig roll som anstiftare.

Hur frivilligt är frivilligt?

Upphovsperson: Strand, Cecilia
Utgivare: Afrikagrupperna
Tidskrift/källa: Södra Afrika
År: 2006
Ämnesord: Lesotho, Hiv/Aids, Reformer
För ett år sedan lanserade Lesotho, som första land i världen, en plan för att erbjuda alla invånare frivilliga hivtest och rådgivning i hemmet via ambulerande kliniker.
Målet är att kampanjen "Know Your Status" ska ha nått samtliga invånare över 12 år före slutet av år 2007. Idén att bokstavligen knacka på hemma hos folk grundas på att andelen testade, trots massiva kampanjer, har legat stilla på runt 10 procent.